Hello! I would like to talk about real vampires, and where you can find them. Real vampires are almost indifferent to people by appearance. They don't have fangs, they don't normally have really pale pale skin, and they can, if they so please, go get a sun tan at the beach. To see all you probably want to know, I suggest this website, to get a more full description of vampires, slayers, and more. -------------------------------

How To Spot A Real Vampire (credit to Edit

  1. there will be a dark colored ring around the iris of their eye will be a dark colored ring around the iris of their eye
  2. there is a generally noticeable different color surrounding their pupil
  3. a real vampires breathing will almost always be shallow compared to a regular human of their age

4.their nails will be clear like glass yet strong

5.real vampires tend to be very sensitive to bright lights, and sunlight, but be careful, this can sometimes happen to people with lightly colored eyes

Real vampires will display these traits 99/100 percent of the time. And if they have even 3, the odds of 3 coincidences happening, when these said coincidences all pertain to each other is astronomical.

I would also like to say, that it seems the people on this site are full of wonder and questions. I suggest you read the site that spawned this one. I promise it will answer your questions, it is written well, managed well, updated well, easy to use, and the owner is really a nice guy.

Thanks for reading

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